A teacher at a school that aims to "promote the child" is accused of threatening a 5th-grade student with a knife.

The Yonkers Police Department recently announced a teacher was arrested for allegedly threatening a student.

Westchester County, New York Teacher Accused of Scaring Student With Knife

The Yonkers Police Department, Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, and Yonkers Public Schools all investigated the alleged criminal behavior by the Yonkers Public School teacher.

Archacki was placed on modified duty the day after the alleged incident, pending the outcome of a police investigation.

"It is alleged by a student that Archacki caused a student to fear for their safety by walking up behind this student while holding a paring knife during school hours on February 8th, 2023," the Yonkers Police Department stated in a press release.


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Yonkers Teacher From Buchanan, New York Arrested

The Yonkers school's "mission statement" is to "promote the child."

"At School 21, we promote the whole child! Our goals include social, emotional, and academic success for all students.  We strive to work with parents to bring their children a full education," the school states in its mission statement.


The Yonkers Police Department arrested the fifth-grade teacher this week following an over two-month investigation.

Archacki was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

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He was later arraigned in Yonkers Criminal Court and released on his own recognizance, awaiting future court appearances.

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