A ice cream shop in Upstate New York was just named the best in the United States. Others are among the best. Was your favorite honored?

Social Media influencer Cohen Thompson and his friends had a pretty tough summer. They sampled 48 ice creams in 48 states over 48 days to figure out the best ice cream shop. (I'm clearly being sarcastic with "pretty tough summer")

Upstate New York Ice Cream Shop Named Best In America

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Finger Lakes Is Why Ice Cream Is So Good

The Spotted Duck credits fresh ingredients from local farmers for its success.

"The most credit must go to the Finger Lakes farmers and producers who provide the highest quality ingredients for our ice cream. Without their milk, cream, berries, and much more, we would not have been able to take the top spot," the Spotted Duck wrote on Facebook.

Cohen Thompson/Youtube
Cohen Thompson/Youtube

The Spotted Duck was recently named "Upstate New York's Best Ice Cream Stand," according to signs outside the eatery in Yate County, New York.

"The original farm-to-cone Duck Egg frozen custard. Featuring FLX local and organic ingredients," The Spotted Duck states on Facebook.

Yelp voted the shop the "best dessert" in New York State.

4 New York State Ice Cream Stands Among 'Best In America'

The travel blog Cheapism recently named the best ice cream shops for soft-serve ice cream.

Four places from New York State were named in the Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Shops in America blog post.

Kurver Kreme Albany, New York


Kurver Kreme located in Albany, New York was named as one of the best places in America for soft soft.

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Big Gay Ice Cream, New York City

Big Gay Ice Cream in New York City also made the list. The company operates three locations in the Big Apple.


There are many "offbeat" soft serve flavors that keep "keep the lines running out the door regularly."

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