When we say "Leaf Blowers", what comes to mind?. The next door neighbor blowing leaves into your yard? The inconsiderate neighbor that has decided that 6 a.m. on Saturday morning was the perfect time to fire up the blower?

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Who knew it was such a hot and controversial topic with New Yorkers? A new debate is making it's way around on whether or not New York State as a whole should impose leaf blower restrictions. There have been strong arguments coming from both sides.

Reasons For Leaf Blower Ordinances

For those who don't know, leaf blower ordinances are regulations that restrict the use of leaf blowers in certain areas or during specific times. People who are all for New York introducing leaf blower ordinances claim the restrictions can help with problems like noise pollution, air pollution, and potential health hazards.

They say that there are a lot of negative impacts of gas-powered leaf blowers on our environment and on our  personal well-being.

Reasons Against Leaf Blower Ordinances

People who are against leaf blower ordinances say that regulations would really hurt landscaping businesses and homeowners who rely on leaf blowers for keeping their outdoor spaces spick and span.

People against any formal ordinances worry that other ways of getting rid of leaves might not be as effective or they might take up too much time. Some cities and towns across the United States are already hopping on the bandwagon.

They have bans or restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers saying that they believe it's a step towards a cleaner and calmer neighborhood. In New York, there have been many discussions and proposed legislation in the state about leaf blower ordinances.

There is already a bill in the New York State Senate that would ban gas-powered leaf and lawn blowers during specific months. So which side are you on in the leaf blower restriction debate?

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