Another example of New York being a great place to live, and drive.

The great state of New York seems to show up at the top of "best of" lists for some unflattering things a lot of times but today it's at the top of a list that we should be proud of, especially if you have a teenage driver in your life. of the wrong reasons a lot of times.

As a parent of a 15-year-old daughter, I have to say I'm super nervous about her getting her driving permit next year when she turns 16. I know it's a feeling that most parents can relate to, but seeing facts that show me that she'll be OK on the roads make me a little less scared.

According to News 10, if you have a teen on the roads in New York, be proud because New York has now been officially named the safest state for younger motorists. The study, 2021’s Best and the Worst States for Teen Drivers, was done by WalletHub, and it determined what is the safest and least costly driving places for teenagers in the United States and New York came in at number 1!

The study looked at a few factors to come to their conclusion including some 23 key metrics. Those metrics included the number of teen driver fatalities, the presence of impaired-driving laws in each state, the highest presence of distracted-driving/texting while driving laws, and the highest number of teen driver’s graduated licensing program provisions among others.

New York state overall had the highest marks in most of the categories, which is why NY came in at number one. New York was followed by Oregon and Connecticut. On the other end of the study, the top three least safe states were Wyoming, Idaho and South Dakota.

You can take a look at the full study online here.

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