With so many amazing locations to go and explore in the Hudson Valley, and all across the state, many people take advantage of it. When heading out on the trails, there are certain things you should be aware of, and supplies you'll want to keep with you.

Being prepared for a hike is very important. When I head out on the trails, I always take my backpack with me that has basic supplies that I could need, most of which I won't touch, but I like to be prepared as you never know what could happen. I usually have a firestarter of some sort, extra water, a compass, and a spare battery pack for emergency charging purposes.

The Department of Environmental Conservation suggests that you have certain items on hand when going out to explore the beautiful lands New York has to offer. You should always have some sort of map or compass, and extra batteries for any navigation device. Keeping rain gear like an emergency poncho is always a good choice as well.

Speaking of those emergencies, having a whistle or another device to alert someone if you're in trouble is suggested also. Be sure to have a lighter, matches, or some sort of firestarter in the event that you need to build a fire. Be sure to pack enough water, about 2-liters of water per person, and always carry more than you think you'll need.

Having protection from the sun and bugs will be helpful. Pack bug spray, or a bug net. Having sunglasses and sunscreen will also be helpful for your trip. It seems like so much stuff, but believe me, it all fits in your backpack, and won't weigh you down that much.

The most important thing is to stay safe out there and be prepared for anything.

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