I for one think it is!

If you're anything like me and grew in the '80s or '90s, you most likely spent some of your childhood playing games at the local arcade. I know that if I did the math I probably spent thousands of dollars in quarters playing games over the years.

We all had our favorite "quarter gobbler," the one arcade game that you spent most of your time playing, right? I know that after taking my kids the other day for a walk around Beacon and spending some time in the Happy Valley Arcade Bar, I couldn't help but stroll down memory lane.

If you've never been to the arcade bar, they have all of our favorite arcade games from back in the day, and for a quarter you can hop on the memory train like I did the other day. While my kids were running around playing everything I noticed that while I was playing the game, Pac-Man, that it is by far the most overrated game I've ever played....LOL! No, really, why were all of us so into playing it?

I'm officially naming it the most overrated game of all time!!! When you were younger and your parents would drop you off at the local arcade, what was the one game that you would wait in line to play? The one game that you'd spend most of the quarters you had playing?

Jess told us Mortal Kombat was her go-to. For me, it was either Defender or the motorcycle game Hang On. Loved both of them!! Julian texted us that, "Asteroids, Galaga and Donkey Kong." Michelle texted, "Pole Position". No Jess, not a stripper game, it was a race car game..LOL! What was yours? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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