Why do people celebrate Christmas in July? I keep seeing all of these ads online about "Christmas in July" get ready? But why? 

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In my mind Christmas takes place every December 25th. At least that is the calendar that I use, if you have a different calendar, it might say something else.

So, I started asking around, turns out no one else I asked was quite able to give me a reason either. Thus, I came up with a few possibly creative ones that might explain it. You get to decide, but also feel free to come up with and share a few thoughts and reasons behind it as well.

Here they are:

  • Maybe there is a whole Christmas in July because it is roughly 6 months until Christmas in December?
  • Maybe there is a Christmas in July because it is so hot outside right now, that people need to think of things that will be taking place when it is super cold outside?
  • Maybe retailers just realized they have a ton of Christmas items in their storage that they need to sell to make way for the actual Christmas items that will be attempting to take room come November 1. Yes, I am being hopeful that retailers will wait until November 1 to put out their holiday goods. That just won't happen.

Could some of those reasons be a part of it? Turns out there is a movie called "Christmas in July" that came out in 1940. The premise is one guy is lead to believe he won money in a contest, he was pranked by his co-workers, so he goes out and buys gifts for other people, then finds out it was a prank after he spends all the money.

Before that in 1938, there was a summer camp who celebrated Christmas at the Camp, complete with decorations, fake snow and trees. Allegedly, Santa even made an appearance.

A few years ago, I remember a few charities getting together and helping people with home repairs (people that couldn't afford to make them themselves) here in the Hudson Valley and they called it Christmas in July. Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the organization. If you know of the organization, please email me Brandi.Hunter@TownsquareMedia.com.

Take a few minutes to celebrate every reason that you can think of to celebrate! After the last year and a half, we need to celebrate more.

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