More progress has been made for a new Stewart's Shop location in Poughkeepsie.

In January 2020, we reported that a new Stewart's Shop location was planned on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie. Now, it seems as if there is more progress towards constructing the new location. According to the Town of Poughkeepsie Planning Department notes from October 9, 2020, the environmental impacts are being reviewed of the new storefront.

The Planning Department notes state that the application was being reviewed for what environmental impacts the new store could have if any. The notes also highlight a traffic impact review that was done. The review found that the new Stewart's location at 2245 South Roud would not have a significant adverse impact on the environment. The traffic review also states the lack of an impact that goods and petroleum deliveries to the store would have on Route 9 traffic. However, Erica Komoroske, the Director of Public Affairs for Stewart's Shops, said, "The Town of Poughkeepsie has put a moratorium in place preventing review and approval of gas stations so it’s at a standstill, in fact, both of our Poughkeepsie shops are on hold due to this."

The new Stewart's Shop is set to come to the old Umberto's Restaurant, next to Red Lobster on Route 9. Umberto's closed down after 43 years of business in June 2019. Umberto's closed to focus more on the catering aspect of their business. Umberto's also shared a building with a car wash, which has also closed.

This new Stewart's Shop location is proposed to be a 3,696-square-foot shop that will also have a 2,440-square-foot self-service fueling area. Most Stewart's Shops offer ice cream, grab-and-go hot foods, as well as a small grocery selection.

At this time, it is still unclear when construction will begin on the new Stewart's Shop location.

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