Early this year I wrote an article about getting out to our local farms for the summer to enjoy their produce. We had pretty much missed the spring blossoms but we would have all of 2020 to enjoy our local apples. I got excited about Honey Crisp apples being planted at Dressel Farms. They are my favorite apple.

Yesterday, in a so very 2020 turn of events, a storm came through the Hudson Valley dropping hail the size of golf balls on parts of Ulster County. Dressel Farms shared photos of the hail that had hit part of their farm. Today's Facebook post told more of the story.

Dressel Farms along with other apple farmers in the area will be accessing the damage over the next day or two. And as Dressel Farms explained in their post today it is important that they treat the trees even if the apples don't make it.

So you maybe asking why I am sharing this information with you about the future of our apple crop. It's simple actually, with everything cancelled this summer I am holding out for the fall. I was basically planing to make due this summer because I am banking on a Hudson Valley Fall. The first half of 2020 was bumpy to say the least but the second half has to pull itself together. The news about the possibility of the fall apple crop being compromised is something I am not ready to contemplate.

Let's face it, apple picking tourist and leaf peepers are good for Hudson Valley business.

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