It's National Tequila Day and people are ordering drinks and shots all around you, but you find yourself with this one question, "What is Tequila?"

Here is the basic info that you need to know about Tequila:

  • It can only be made and bottled in Mexico
  • It is a distilled spirit made from Blue Agave Plants

If you have ever had a 'wicked headache' after consuming copious amounts of tequila, it is possible that you had what is known as a 'misto tequila.' A misto tequila is only made with a minimum of 51% agave, then it is combined with other sugars to make up the balance. These misto's are usually sold with the word's 'Oro' or 'Gold' on them. Another thing to avoid are tequlias that say they are 'Made with Blue Agave" as opposed to "100% Blue Agave."

The tequilas that are made with the 100% Blue Agave are going to be sold as:

  • Blanco, little or no aging
  • Reposado, up to 12 months again in wooden barrels
  • Anejo, no less than 12 months in wooden barrels, but it can be aged up to three years
  • Extra Anejo, aged no less than three years in wooden barrels.

Not sure which tequila is for you? Talk to the people at your local shop or to your favorite bartender, they are a wealth of info on the subject and they have possible tried quite a few and they can help you narrow things down.

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