Ever since the first time I sat down at a Thanksgiving table and my Grandmother opened a can of black olives to go with the relish tray in the center of the table I have been hooked on olives. I can remember being rationed them so that there were enough for the other guests at dinner.

As I grew older I realized that their were so many different types of olives. I also discovered that my favorite green olive came stuffed with things other than pimento. Blue Cheese, jalapenos even almonds it is amazing what you can stuff into an olive and it will still taste so delicious.

I realize that olive for some people are un appetizing and that's ok it means there are more for those of us who love them. But before you say no to the olive realize that it is a super food. it is high in antioxidants and vitamin E. The oil that is extracted from olive is apart of the healthy Mediterranean Diet accord to Heathline.com.

On June 1st your can celebrate National Olive Day by eating olive which are technically a small fruit that grows on trees. It is considered a stone fruit like a peach and apparently there are over 500 hundred varieties. Check out this guide to 14 varieties of olive thanks to Serious Eats.

Also the Olive Tree Growers claim that you can grow olives in New York however I search to see if anyone was doing it and I came up with nothing so it looks like we will have to stay with the out of town varieties.

A Look a few olives

For Olive Lovers

The olive can be an under appreciated fruit. It is good for us and adds so much flavor to recipes, drinks and cheese boards. Do miss an opportunity to celebrate the Olive on National Olive Day (June 1st). The olive is one of the world's oldest fruits and also happens to be go for us. Full of vitamin E and antioxidants it a delicious way to eat healthy.

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