This week we celebrated National Potato Day. It may have gone by without you even realizing it happened. We all like, some of us even love potatoes but let's face it we probably aren't stopping down in the middle of August to throw a potato party.

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If you did decide to celebrate the potato in the Hudson Valley I can suggest a few places that I highly recommend the fries, but the purpose of me having this spud conversation with you is not about where to get good fries in Poughkeepsie, New Paltz and Highland but instead why your should leave the skins on your potatoes when your eat them.

I never eat a potato without eating the skin. I even mix the skins up in my mash potatoes. Funny thing is I am not really a Potato Skin fan when they are by themselves as a bar snack or appetizer. I prefer my potato skins mixed in with the actual potato.

So why should we eat Potato Skins when we eat a potato?

1 - They are full of Vitamins

Potato skins have Vitamin C plus Calcium and Potassium. By eating just the inside of a potato you'd be missing out on the most nutritious part of the potato. The skin of a potato includes many vitamins and minerals that we need in our diet and that includes Iron, Zinc and Copper

2 - Vitamin B

This vitamin is important for many things including your mood. I thing it is safe to save the eating potato skins will make you happier. Vitamin B also helps reduce stress which we could all use a little more of that these days.

3 - Aids Digestion

Let's face it we tend to eat potatoes with rich heavy meals. Thanksgiving for example can have 5 different types of potatoes on the menu. Eating potato skins that day will definitely be a plus. The fiber they provide could be perfect after a rich over stuffed meal.

4 - Help with Allergies

According to Live Strong potatoes have a lot of flavonoids,. That a makes potatoes good for helping with allergies and other immune issues. Potato skins can help you fight of infection and disease thanks to their antioxidants.

So the next time you enjoy a potato leave on the skin. And don't be afraid to oder them as an appetizer next time your out.

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