Hollywood on the Hudson. That’s what I either read or heard recently when somebody was referring to the Hudson Valley. I guess it’s kind of true. Not only are there several movies and television shows being filmed here in the Hudson Valley, we have our share of superstar residents. And superstar relatives of residents, as the case may be.

One superstar of movies and television has been seen a few times this week right in Poughkeepsie, and rumor has it that this star’s daughter is a student at Vassar College. Earlier this week, William H. Macy, famous for Fargo, Boogie Nights, and Showtime’s Shameless, was spotted at the Crafted Kup coffee shop on Raymond Avenue near Vassar College. He was most definitely a happy diner at Savona’s Trattoria on Collegeview Avenue, which overlooks Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. And here are the pictures to prove it.

William H. Macy Dines at Savona’s Trattoria in Poughkeepsie, NY

William H. Macy is the latest superstar to be spotted in the Hudson Valley. He dined at Savona’s Trattoria by Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, and was gracious enough to pose for some photos.

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to big stars these days, but it’s still cool when we get to spot one, meet one, or even have one come into our business. Just another reason to love it here.

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