A viral post on social media reported a mountain lion was spotted in the Hudson Valley.

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A Facebook user said a mountain lion was caught on camera in the west park area in the Town of Esopus on Floyd Ackert Road.

Hudson Valley Post sent the photo, seen above, to the New York State DEC and they confirmed the animal is a mountain lion. However, the DEC can't confirm the animal seen in the photo was really spotted in the region because the person who took the photo hasn't contacted the DEC so they can investigate.

"DEC has not received any reports of mountain lion from this area this year. Photos and videos submitted from people reporting a sighting are typically house cats, coyotes, or bobcats. Tracks are typically domestic dog or coyote or unidentifiable. Reports are not categorized, except by the calendar year," Lori Severino of the DEC told Hudson Valley Post.

According to the DEC, mountain lions, which are also called Eastern cougars, aren't typically seen in New York but there have been a few isolated sightings.

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