A Hudson Valley town is getting rave reviews from the New York Times.

The New York Times just called a town in the Hudson Valley "pristine."

The New York Times recently highlighted Esopus, New York

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"Esopus, N.Y.: ‘Pristine Natural Surroundings’ and Stealth Wealth," the New York Times headline reads.

The article highlights how many New Yorkers who used to visit Espous for the weekend, or use the town as their second home, have now become full-time residents.

"Esopus offers nature, peace, privacy and four seasons of outdoor activities,” Real estate agent with Corcoran Country Living, Richard Vizzini, told the New York Times. "There are always more buyers than homes to buy, based on how attractive the area is to New York City residents. Some properties have creek and river access, which is always appealing to buyers.”


The article states how many discovered the "natural beauty" of the area during the pandemic.

"This Ulster County town is known for its nature preserves, waterfront homes and quietly affluent residents: ‘They’re not in-your-face flashy,'" the article states.

More About Esopus, New York

Esopus, New York is located in Ulster County. Just over 9,500 people call Esopus home, according to the most recent census, in 2020. The town means "small river" it was named after local indigenous tribe.

"Confusingly, the Esopus Creek doesn’t touch the Town of Esopus at all; it starts at the Ashokan Reservoir, heads toward Kingston, and then empties into the Hudson River in Saugerties," the Town of Esopus writes on its website.


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"According to the Klyne Esopus Museum, the Esopus Indians referred to the area as a “land of flowing water and high banks,” while the explorer Henry Hudson called Esopus a “faire” land when he sailed by in 1609. The nearby city of Kingston, and its famous Stockade were also referred to as the Esopus colony, but in 1811, the Town of Esopus was officially formed with land carved out of Kingston," the Town of Esopus states on it's website.

Eleven hamlets: Connelly, Dashville, Esopus, New Salem, Port Ewen, Rifton, St. Remy, Sleightsburgh, Ulster Park, Union Center and West Park

Town of Esopus via Facebook
Town of Esopus via Facebook

The Town of Esopus borders the Hudson and Wallkill Rivers, the Rondout Creek, the City of Kingston, and the towns of Rosendale, New Paltz and Lloyd. Esopus has 11 hamlets: Connelly, Dashville, Esopus, New Salem, Port Ewen, Rifton, St. Remy, Sleightsburgh, Ulster Park, Union Center and West Park.

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Google Maps
Google Maps

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