Any little bit would be help. Times are really hard and everyone is doing the best they can to get by. Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed if they have to ask for help, but nobody should ever feel that way. The Hudson Valley has so many great resources for everyone and help is available to those who need it. However, one location is asking for the public's help so they can continue to help others in the community.


Where is help needed in the Hudson Valley?

The Montgomery Food Pantry Inc. did put a post out on their Facebook page and they are asking for some help. The food pantry helps provide food to those who need it in the Montgomery area and they are a great resource to those in the community.

What items does the Montgomery Food Pantry need?

Here's what they need:

  • cereal
  • peanut butter
  • pasta sauce
  • macaroni and cheese

They mentioned that all donations are greatly appreciated.

Where can you get more information on the Montgomery Food Pantry?

Need to know where it is? Want to know where you can make a donation? It's simple and easy just click here.

Thank you to everyone who makes a donation or those who have made them in the past, everyone around here greatly appreciates your effort. Also, thank you again to the Montgomery Food Pantry for all you do for the Hudson Valley.

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