It was a sad day in Poughkeepsie when news broke that the IHOP on Route 9 was closing down on April 14th. IHOP, despite being a chain restaurant, had a hometown vibe to it that was hard to beat with its quality service and fresh-tasting food. I sort of had a family diner attitude to it. Much of that atmosphere is due to its staff. One staff member, in particular, has made IHOP feel like a home to so many.

Poughkeepsie Rallies Around the "Mom of Poughkeepsie IHOP for 27 Years"

Cheryl Roberts has worked at the IHOP in Poughkeepsie for 27 years. She has become a maternal figure for patrons and workers alike. She had dedicated almost three decades of her life to the establishment, and when news broke that the IHOP was closing, friends and family worried about what would become of Cheryl.

GoFundMe, Danielle Yaw
GoFundMe, Danielle Yaw

Friends and former coworkers of Cheryl, Kellie Jones and Danielle Yaw, saw this as an opportunity to help someone who greatly influenced their lives. Kellie and Danielle created a GoFundMe for Cheryl to help support her in this transition.

Cheryl Roberts, The Mom of IHOP

Cheryl is more than just an exceptional worker, but an incredible and giving person. If you had ever gone to IHOP, more than likely you had seen Cheryl and experienced her bright smile and sharp wit. She received the nickname "Mom of IHOP" because of how she took care of everyone. Bandaids, Tylenol, a good warm tea when you're feeling sick; she had you covered.

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Being at the establishment for nearly 30 years, she garnered up a long list of regulars as she watched families grow up. She knew most people's orders before they walked in through the door. She always made people feel taken care of and seen.

In her 27-year run with IHOP, she hardly missed a day, even during her darkest days. Years ago, her son got very sick and she had to care for him. She also needed to support themselves, so she divided her time between taking care of him and earning a living at the IHOP. Sadly, her son had passed. Though she was nursing a broken heart, she kept up her spirits for her customers and fellow staff, a symbol of strength for everyone.

When the pandemic hit, she was resolute in still working and keeping IHOP running. If it weren't for her determination and variety of hand sanitizers, the IHOP wouldn't have survived that time period.

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Danielle and Kellie organized this GoFundMe to give Cheryl a break physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. They want to serve a woman who has served so many throughout the years.

The GoFundMe has not been up for very long, but it has already raised $1,205 with a goal of $5,000. You can check out the GoFundMe here.

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