Marc Molinaro believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been caught in a foreign money laundering scheme.

On Tuesday, the Molinaro for New York campaign alleged that Cuomo took at least $25,000 in laundered donations from a foreign national.

Long-time Cuomo political insider Steve Pigeon pleaded guilty in Buffalo on Tuesday to arranging to money-launder at least $25,000 in illegal donations from the CEO of Amaya, a Canadian National gambling firm, to Governor Cuomo’s 2014 re-election campaign, according to Molinaro's campaign.

“Andrew Cuomo spends his days pointing fingers at others while his own backyard is despicably dirty,” Marc Molinaro said in a press release. “His unquenchable lust for campaign dollars has landed ‘friend’ after ‘friend’ in federal prison while he skates free to point fingers yet again. Well the finger is now pointed directly at this governor, and he needs to answer questions about the clear laundering of $25,000 in illegal foreign money to his campaign.”

Molinaro's campaign accused Cuomo of accepting two donations of $25,000 each from Florida attorney Marlon Goldstein, who served as Amaya’s general counsel and executive vice-president.

“I believe Andrew Cuomo was well aware of the source of this $25,000 donation,” Molinaro said. “Just as he was aware that his 2014 campaign — and now 2018 campaign — was being illegally run out of his government offices. Between this and the criminal FBI investigation over $400,000 in dirty Crystal Run Healthcare donations, this governor has a lot of explaining to do. That rot we smell in the air is the foundation of Andrew Cuomo’s fraudulent political house of cards collapsing.”

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