Earlier this week there was a little confusion with how Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke about this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

In his daily press conference on Monday, May 19, Gov. Cuomo said New Yorkers can enjoy Memorial Day ceremonies in small groups of 10 people or less.

I know that shortly after that news broke a handful of my friends texted me saying they were having small, socially distant BBQ. However, if you continued listening to our Governor you would realize these "small group ceremonies" are meant for things like local government Memorial Day events and Memorial Day vehicle parades.

On Friday morning we spoke to Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro about if the public was also able to meet in small groups of 10 or fewer people. Molinaro said: "You don't need permission to have your family over. You need to use consideration and respect for their health and your health."

Molinaro also adds:

I want to be clear if you and the neighbor across the street trust that you have been doing everything right and you want to get together to celebrate that is permissible. It's not prohibited. Just take steps to make sure you're considerate to one another.

The Dutchess County Executive says "Would I be inviting my cousin from New York City over? No I wouldn't. Would I have a party with 100 people? No, we can't support that."

So if you're planning on having a BBQ this weekend to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday, make sure you are respecting yourself and those around you.

Stay safe and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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