A person who has been declared missing for almost ten years has finally been discovered. Robert Hoagland of Newtown, Connecticut was discovered in Sullivan County, New York. Hoagland was pronounced dead on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

Missing Man Living Double Life in Sullivan County

Robert Hoagland was a local chef and property appraiser in Newtown, Connecticut. He was married to his wife, Lori, and they had three sons. The couple, at one point, separated for two years, but later reconciled.

Hoagland's oldest son Max had a history of drug problems, and was in rehab in early 2013. Hoagland left his restaurant job for better paying positions at a friend's law firm and to also be a real estate appraiser.

In July of 2013, Lori took a trip to Turkey with some friends. While she was away, two of the family's laptops were stolen. Robert believed Max had taken them to sell or exchange for drugs. Investigators learned that Robert traveled to an abandoned industrial buidling in Bridgeport, CT to confront some men described as Max's "associates" over the theft, which Max claimed they were responsible for. On July 25th, 2013, $600 was withdrawn from one of the family's bank accounts.

Hoagland had been missing since July 29th, 2013, when he failed to show up to work and to pick a family member up from the airport. Hoagland's wallet, medications and cell phone were still at his family home.

Hoagland's last known whereabout was at a gas station at 11 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT. The investigation by the Newtown police department remained open with sightings being received and investigated nationwide. Robert Hoagland received lots of media attention, including a feature on the Investigation Discovery series Disappeared.

Newtown Connecticut Police Department
Newtown Connecticut Police Department

Fast forward to December 5th of this year, the Sullivan County, NY, Sheriff's Department contacted the Newton Police Department with possible information on Robert Hoagland's whereabouts.

Robert Hoagland, Missing For 10 Years, Found in Sullivan County, NY

Around 3 pm on Monday, December 5th, Sullivan County Sheriff's PAtrol was called to a 911 report of cardiac arrest at a residence in the Rock Hill section of the Town of Thompson. Deputies met the Rock Hill Volunteer Ambulance at the location where a 59 year old man had been pronounced dead.

Newtown Connecticut Police Department
Newtown Connecticut Police Department

The man's roommate identified him as Richard King. Deputies examined the deceased person's effects, and discovered correspondence in the name of Robert Hoagland.

Further investigation showed that Hoagland has been living in Sullivan County since November of 2013. Detectives from the Newtown Police Department met with Sullivan detectives to confirm the victim's identity. The initial results from an autopsy indicate no signs of foul play.

Undersheriff Eric Chatboy said, "Since there does not appear to be a criminal aspect to Robert Hoagland's disappearance, we are deferring to the Newtown Police regarding the release of any additional information in this case." The Newtown Police Department does not plan to release any further information for the same reason.

Why Did Robert Hoagland Go Missing?

Speculation as to why Hoagland disappear have ranged from foul play to being connected to his son's drug problems to an attempt to start a new life. There was significant evidence that he was either abducted or left voluntarily.

Since Lori discovered her husband's wallet and keys hidden in their bedroom days after his disappearance, she came to believe it was more foul play. The still unaccounted for $600 he withdrew was an odd amount of money.

Lori said, following their earlier separation, "If he wanted out of the marriage, all he would have had to say was that he wanted out of the marriage. But that was not remotely where we were. Son Chris found it odd that his father's pair of loafers were still at home, citing they were "the only shoes he ever wore."

Lori said she believed it to be possible that, where his children were concerned, Robert could have made someone feel scared enough to do him harm in return, citing that she's seen him chase people down the street with baseball bats. Family and friends don't believe he would have walked away from his children so readily.

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