Another business that is closing/looking for a new owner because of COVID. It is sad.

The Moviehouse a 30-year staple in the Town of Millerton announced this week, via email, that they have consigned a real estate agent to sell the building and with it what we knew as The Moviehouse.

Here is what owner Carol Sadlon had to say about the hopes for the building and the business:

Our goal is to hand the baton to someone who is passionate about the cinema arts and local community, who will be able to realize the incredible potential for The Moviehouse as a regional Arts Center for both our existing audiences and a new and enthusiastic generation of cinephiles.

Do you recall the first time that you went to the movies? How big that theatre was to you? The amount of time you would spend selecting the perfect seat so you would be able to see everything that came to life on that big screen? How about the excitement that you felt as you were sitting through the pre-views waiting in anticipation and angst for the film to begin?

What about the first time you were allowed to go to the movies by yourself? What was the film? Do you still think fondly of that film today? Maybe you bought it on VHS and then again on DVD, and one more time on Blu-Ray?

Yes, we are seeing the local movie theaters re-open with COVID restrictions, and the big movie plexes selling you $15 buckets of pop-corn, but remember the small, local theaters, the ones that are an integral part of the community. These (as are all local businesses) the ones who remember your name, and quite possibly that you do or do not want extra butter on your popcorn.

If you are interested in keeping this grand building, and possibly the business alive, the agent to connect with is Raj Kumar & Annabel Taylor, Associate Real Estate Brokers
Lillie K. Team at Select Sotheby’s International Realty,

Next time you are in Millerton, make sure to check out Harney Teas, Taro's Pizza (cash only), the Oakhurst Diner, and Little Gates & Co Wine Merchants. Also note, that Millerton is a very bike friendly town, so feel free to park the car and then tool around the town on your bike.

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