A Hudson Valley restaurant is bringing back a menu item that was so popular the eatery received death threats after it quickly sold out.

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In late April, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mill House Brewing Company in Poughkeepsie announced Chinese food pop-up event. The "Mill House Panda Pop-Up" was said to feed four. It cost $75 and came with sesame chicken, beef and broccoli, veggie eggrolls, cold sesame lo mein noodles, pork fried rice, boneless spare ribs and fortune cookies.

"For those that don’t know, our building use to be home to Mill House Panda, a locally famous, and without a doubt the largest, Chinese food restaurant in our area. They were known for many things but mainly their sesame lo mein noodles, which is why that is included in this meal," Mill House Brewing Company wrote in April about the event.

At the time nearly every Chinese food restaurant was closed and so many people were craving Chinese food the dinner special sold out in 30 minutes on the first day it was offered. The Chinese bundle sold out in minutes in the days that followed, despite increasing the availability of meals. Mill House Brewing Company says they received two death threats from people who couldn't purchase food.

On Wednesday, the Poughkeepsie eatery announced the very popular event is returning, with some changes that should allow everyone to get their fill.

The "Mill House Chinese Dinner Pop Up" is returning on Saturday, Nov. 8 for dinner during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week which runs until Nov. 22.

"No more trying to get through over 700 times to order, no more death threats (please and thank you), now you can come enjoy this comfort food sitting down inside our House," Mill House wrote about the upcoming event. "Not comfortable dining out yet? No problem, we’re also offering it for take out as well. We have PLENTY of portions so everyone can enjoy this time around!"

Below you can see the menu for the "Mill House Chinese Dinner Pop Up" and the regular Mill House Hudson Valley Restaurant Week menu.

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