A new medical breakthrough could extend the life of man's best friend.

Love your dog? Want your beloved pet to live longer? I'm sure most, if not all, will say yes. Well, we are one step closer to a medical breakthrough to extend the life of your dog.

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New Drug Proven To Extend Dog's Life


Researchers from California created a drug called Loyal that they say will help dogs live longer.

"Loyal is a clinical-stage veterinary medicine company working on giving dogs longer, healthier lives," Loyal states on its website.


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How Drug Works

Dogs would get a shot or pill every three to six months. The FDA approved the effectiveness of the shot. The company is now looking into a pill form.

"We designed LOY–001 as a long-acting injectable administered by your veterinarian every three to six months. In parallel, through our recently-announced partnership with Crinetics, we’re also developing LOY-003, a daily pill to address this same IGF-1 over-expression," Halioua said.

If approved both could be ready by 2026.

Recruiting Senior Dogs For Test


Loyal is also recruiting senior dogs to be part of its study.

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"Loyal is recruiting senior dogs to be part of our STAY study — the final effectiveness study for LOY-002, our medication to help dogs live longer and stay healthier as they age," the company states on its website.

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