As the weather starts to warm many can't wait to go swimming. Well, Hudson Valley officials are sounding the alarm after a massive snake was just spotted in a lake.

Hudson Valley Post recently highlighted the lakes in New York State that are infested with the most snakes.

The Five Most Snake Infested Lakes In New York State

Mattia D'Antonio/Getty Images
Mattia D'Antonio/Getty Images

What's concerning, is the snake found in the Hudson Valley wasn't spotted in any of those lakes.

Find out where the snake was spotted after learning of the "Five Most Snake Infested Lakes In New York State."

The Five Most Snake Infested Lakes In New York State

World Atlas helped Hudson Valley Post determine the most snake infested waters in New York State.

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Large Snake Spotted In Hudson Valley, New York Lake

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"If you see a snake like this at Congers Lake realize that is its natural habitat and please give it space," the Town of Clarkstown stated on Facebook.

Massive Snake Found In Rockland County, New York Lake


Thankfully rat snakes are "not venomous" and pose "no harm to people," officials say.

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"If you see this snake or others like it just give it space, they will be slower this time of year due to weather and will pose no harm to any residents. If you have any questions related to wildlife please call DEC region 3 general wildlife line 845-256-3098," the Town of Clarkstown said.

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