The new year is about to begin and there is already something unique to look forward to. Even if you are not a fan of basketball, you may like what the NCAA has been working on during the pandemic.

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Typically, the college basketball tournament that takes place in March is known as March Madness. It is a branded term that is used to describe the craziness that surrounds the days of conference tournaments and the national tournament. But since we are all being asked to wear a mask these days, behind the scenes, the NCAA has come up with a way to promote wearing masks.

We bought our kids masks with their favorite superheroes on them for Christmas. They were part of the stocking stuffers and the kids really like them. Since our kids are so young, they don't know any different and this has become the reality that they know. Will we ever be allowed to go to public places without a mask on? Unclear at this point if that will happen anytime soon. My guess is that many people will choose to wear a mask since it has become a regular thing.

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