Unannounced changes are leaving many New Yorkers disappointed at Subway after popular menu items have been removed.

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Last week, before warning customers, Subway took roast beef and rotisserie-style chicken from its menu at most locations, Business Insider reports.

"So my boyfriend works for subway and he literally bought 15 POUNDS of discontinued rotisserie chicken," @Jpetch_000 tweeted.

Subway hasn't officially confirmed the news, but Subway's official Twitter appears to have confirmed the menu change by saying "some" locations may still have the menu items.

"@SUBWAY Discontinuing rotisserie chicken? Seriously? Your own workers actually said today “do not know why, stupid move with one of our top sellers”. Probably won’t care just thought you might want to know what is a pretty dumb move," one upset customer tweeted at Subway.

Many others voiced their displeasure with the unannounced menu change and one Subway employee confirmed the sandwiches are "popular" menu items.

"Subway is getting rid of roast beef and rotisserie chicken, which are popular at my store," a Subway employee tweeted.

Last week, Subway brought back its $5 footlong promotion. However, to pay $5 for a footlong sub, you must purchase two footlongs and pay $10.

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