Many loyal customers are very upset Dunkin' has made a secret change.

Late last week Dunkin' made a chance to its perks program, which is accessed via the Dunkin' app.

Dunkin' Changes Perks Program

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The DD Perks program is now called the Dunkin’ Rewards.

"Dunkin’ Rewards is driven and designed around member feedback. The revamped program introduces more food and beverage rewards, increased flexibility on when and how guests choose to use their points, and an all-new Boosted Status, a special loyalty tier for Dunkin’s most dedicated fans," Dunkin' states in a press release.

Dunkin' says the new program will allow members to earn points faster. For example, you now receive 10 points for every $1 spent compared to 5 points with DD Perks. Free rewards now start at 150 points instead of 200 points.

B Welb
B Welb

"For the first time, free food is on the menu with Dunkin’ Rewards! Members can redeem points for donuts, hash browns, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more, or choose to stack their points and redeem multiple items in a single transaction. This means members with enough points can choose to get an entire meal for free at Dunkin’," the company adds.

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Another change for the good is reward points won't expire as long as you make one or more qualifying Dunkin’ purchases every six months.

“When we set out to improve DD Perks, we asked our members what they wanted to see in a new program. They told us three things: flexibility, variety, and recognition,” Dunkin' President Scott Murphy said. “And we did just that – we solved the three biggest constraints to bring a new and improved customer experience to Dunkin' fans.”

Dunkin' Boost Mode

Dunkin' is Closing 7 Hudson Valley Locations
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Dunkin' is also introducing what they call "Boost Mode."

"The more you go, the more you get! Dunkin’ is excited to introduce Boosted Status, a new loyalty tier within Dunkin’ Rewards for its most dedicated fans. Members visit 12 times in a calendar month to reach Boosted Status and unlock even more points and benefits for the following 3 months. Members can extend their status by visiting Dunkin’ 12 times each calendar month," Dunkin' adds about Boost Mode.

However, there is one major change that Dunkin' didn't mention in its press release which is upsetting loyal customers in the Empire State.

Much Harder To Earn Free Drink At Dunkin'

Some Dunkin' customers are outraged that it's much harder to earn a free drink. Under DD Perks customers earned a free drink at 200 points. That number has skyrocketed to 700 points, according to Business Insider.

Dunkin Donuts Reportedly For Sale
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Many are taking to social media to voice their displeasure. Some even claim they will be switching to Starbucks, Dunkin's rival.

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