A man went to a Hudson Valley diner during the Jewish high holy days wearing a swastika on his head.

On Friday during the lunch rush, customers and staff at City Limits Diner in White Plains noticed a man wearing a baseball hat with a swastika on the back of the hat. The baseball cap had a yarmulke attached to the top of it with a swastika drawn on it, officials say.

"At the time he entered the restaurant, the host was unable to see the top of his head and did not notice anything amiss. He promptly seated him at a table, and a waiter proceeded to interact with him. The waiter took the man’s order. It was shortly thereafter that a manager saw the offensive emblem, and also noticed he was wearing earplugs. The manager immediately brought it to the attention of an owner," City Limits Diner owner Nick Livanos wrote on Facebook.

The restaurant called the police and followed their instructions to wait for their arrival to avoid any confrontation. When police arrived the unnamed man was escorted out of the diner.

"We have been serving the community for over 25 years, all without incident. We consider our patrons and staff as extended family, and would never place them in potential harm’s way," Livanos said. "The online comments about this incident, and how it was handled, are overwhelmingly supportive of our actions. That being said, there are still some that feel we didn’t react appropriately, or fast enough. To those individuals, we ask you to please understand that there is no way to fully prepare for a specific situation like this; the matter was handled as cautiously and swiftly as was practical at the time. This was confirmed to us by the White Plains Police Department, who told us emphatically that we had 'done the right thing' and 'handled the situation perfectly.'"

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