A new law has gone into effect that impacts many drivers across New York State.

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Last Tuesday, the New York State Driver's License Suspension Reform Act became official.

"Limits the grounds for the suspension of a driver's license; provides for additional notification when a person is required to make an appearance; requires income based payment plans to be available for fines, fees and mandatory surcharges incurred as a result of a violation of the vehicle and traffic law and makes conforming changes," a summary for the bill states.

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The act means state officials can no longer suspend a driver's license if they cannot afford to pay a traffic fine. The new law allows hundreds of thousands of New York State residents to regain their driver's license, Fines & Fees Justice Center reports.

The bill also means New Yorkers can sign up for a payment plan to help pay off traffic tickets and entering a payment plan will lift a driver's license suspension for not answer or appearing in court to fight a traffic ticket.

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