The Hudson Valley is jam packed full of some awesome and unique small towns, but one local spot was recently listed as one of the 26 Best Small Towns in America, According to Travelers, by Buzzfeed.

New Paltz comes in as number 3 after Buzzfeed polled their community, asking for their absolute favorite small town in America, "places that belong on your bucket list."

As described described by emilyp46ba393d4 in the post,

This town is set right on a mountain range so the views are incredible and there are so many beautiful hikes. It’s an artsy, small town in a rural area with a great Main Street, featuring funky local businesses and awesome restaurants.

I can't think of a better description for one of my personal favorite places on earth.  The town is FULL of all sorts of unique places to eat and shop, like newcomers McFoxlin's and Grinds and Grains Coffee Bar, not to mention the stunning Mohonk Mountain House.

I think this is a pretty big deal for New Paltz, as it was not just the only Hudson Valley town, but the only NY one as well.

Let's hear your opinion, are there any other Hudson Valley spots that should be on the 26 best small towns list?  Let's hear them!


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