Clowning around!? Four clowns were "arrested" this weekend by a local sheriff's office.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office posted "BREAKING NEWS" on their official Facebook page Saturday morning, saying that officers "apprehended four clowns today at the Pumpkin Parade."

In jest, the post went on to add that the four clowns were "arraigned in the Town of Neversink Court, but when they tried to post bail with game tokens from Chuckie Cheese, they were sent to the Sullivan County Jail."

On Saturday evening around 9:30 p.m., the sheriff's office provided a "CLOWN ARREST UPDATE."

The posted added that all of the arrested clowns were paroled.

"They were released in consideration of the hard work and undeniable joy that they brought to all the children who attended today's Giant Pumpkin Party at the Grahamsville Fair Grounds," the Facebook posting said. "Thank you for your good humor and a job well done!"

Obviously the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office was having fun with a hot topic. Last week, creepy clowns were were spotted just north of the Hudson Valley. 

On Thursday evening, Ellenville Police informed residents that reports of a clown sighting in Ulster County were false. 

However this weekend, Orange County police investigated photos of a creepy clown holding a rifle on the border of Newburgh and New Windsor.

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