Officials from the region issued an alert after a potentially rabid fox bit a person and pet.

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Town of Lewisboro Supervisor Peter H. Parsons says he was alerted by the Westchester County Department of Health after a fox bit a person and dog during a morning walk last Wednesday in the Northern Westchester County area of Waccabuc.

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Parsons did not release the gender of the person bit or provide any updates on the person or the pet dog. While it hasn't been confirmed, Parsons says it's likely the fox was rabid, because foxes typically only attack if they are rabid or protecting their young.

"These animals tend to bite if they are rabid or are protecting their pups. We do not know if this fox is rabid but wanted to alert the community of this situation," Parsons wrote on Facebook.

Officials warn if you come in contact with a rabid fox or animal you should get yourself and your pets to safety as soon as possible and call 911 or your local police department.

Waccabuc is a hamlet and lake in the town of Lewisboro. Waccabuc is called "New York's Secret Suburb" due it small population, around 850, mixed with notable residents. Sean Combs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Roger Stone, Jeffery Tambor, Stanely Tucci and Franklin D. Roosevelt's Vice President Henry Wallace have all called the small hamlet home.

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