A sleek new van will be making bread and pastry deliveries all over the Hudson Valley.

I always think it's cool seeing food trucks grabbing inspiration from classic rock bands when it comes to naming their trucks.

Examples include:

  • The classic Metallica-inspired Grill 'Em All burger truck out of California
  • The Guns N' Roses-inspired Dog N Roses truck out of Vancouver, BC
  • The Motley Crue-inspired Melty Crue Grilled Cheese truck out of Columbus, OH

You get the picture. Well, a local bread business is about to get a new delivery van, and they'll be playing off the name of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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Kingston Bread + Bar in Kingston, NY

Kingston Bread and Bar serves sandwiches, soups and snacks; beer, wine and cocktails; and all the bread is naturally leavened. The business started in 2017 as Kingston Bread Lab, with one guy baking out of his own kitchen for a small group of weekly "subscribers" and with increased demand, eventually lead to the opening of Kingston Bread + Bar at 43 N Front St, Kingston, NY as an all-day bakery with a full food and drink menu.

"Bread Zeppelin" Delivery Van Coming

Kingston Bread + Bar recently took to social media to announce that they would be getting a new delivery van soon. A photo was posted of the sleek, black van being dubbed the "Bread Zeppelin" (an obvious nod or knead if you will to the mighty Led Zeppelin.)

The staff at Kingston Bread + Bar are apparently big classic rock lovers, as their previous delivery vehicle was reportedly called REO Kneadwagon.

"It’s official: We’re Van People!
In a few short weeks, the Bread Zeppelin will be making bread and pastry deliveries all over the beautiful Hudson Valley.
Stay tuned for more updates as our production space nears completion, and we get ready to bring our carby delights to more folks than ever!"
                                          -Kingston Bread + Bar

Well, the new deliver Kingston Bread delivery van looks pretty badass, and we look forward to seeing it rolling around the Hudson Valley soon. Best of luck to Kingston Bread + Bar on its new set of wheels.

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