Johnny Cash once performed at an unlikely place in Newburgh, New York and if you know anyone that was there you can help fill in the set list.

A poster of an old Johnny Cash performance in Newburgh is getting attention online. Fans are shocked to just find out about this show.

Johnny Cash was a singer, songwriter, and musician who is considered by many to one of the most influential and iconic figures in the music industry. He surpassed the title of musician and has earned a spot pop culture. Cash had several hit songs from his career that lasted decades.

It's hard to imagine a young Johnny Cash grinding away and playing small venues especially in New York but it happened and the history is getting a lot of attention.

A poster for sale shows that Johnny Cash once played in Newburgh with June Carter.

Where did Johnny Cash perform live in Newburgh, New York?

The poster showed that the Man in Black played at a place called the Avalon Roller Drone. According to Forgotten Roller Rinks of the Past, Avalon Roller Rink was located originally on 17K in Newburgh. eventually the rink would move to a new location. The old roller rink building is now the location of the Newburgh Vintage Emporium.

According to, the show took place on November 12, 1964. However, the site does not list any of the songs that were performed that night. The site asks if you were there you can help fill in the missing information.


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