The slogan should be "I got 99 problems but winning ain't one."

All jokes aside New York will soon be seeing more casinos open up and one could have a very famous name behind it. The gambling/casino business is a billion-dollar industry and we learned early last year that New York City would most likely see 3 more casinos very soon in an effort to boost the economy.

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According to Play NY, in 2022 Governor Kathy Hochul has finalized New York State's budget and plans to expand the gaming industry. The budget reportedly authorized three more gaming licenses to be issued in New York City. According to the New York Post, The Hard Rock Cafe is currently one that is trying to get one in their hotel.

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Denis Vrublevski

It looks like one of hip-hop's biggest names is also on the list as well.

Jay Z has become synonymous with success both in the music industry and in business so this seems like a natural fit for a new business venture.

According to the tweet, the casino would be in Times Square. It doesn't look a decision to award a gaming license has been made yet.

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