The popular singer escaped to the Hudson Valley Friday night.

As residents of the the area I think it's easy for us to forget just how great the Hudson Valley really is. It's got it parts that aren't so great but it's got some rich history, some amazing views and some peaceful spots if someone wants to just get away from the madness.

It's been a tough year for all of us. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all in different ways. Everyone can use an escape from their routine or that madness even celebrities.

Jack Met, singer and front man for AJR recently posted a photo on his Instagram story walking with a dog on a trail in Kingston alongside some old train tracks. The picture showed a beautiful view of the Hudson River just before sun down.

It didn't appear that his band mates and brothers joined him for the trip. The family grew up in New York City. AJR's new album OK ORCHESTRA drops at the ends of this month.

AJR has performed in the Hudson Valley on several occasions. They performed both at WRRV Sessions and at the Orange County Fair. Hopefully, we'll get to perform here again soon.

More and more celebrities seem to be making their way to the Hudson Valley. The past Tuesday, Post Malone was spotted eating at a restaurant in Poughkeepsie.

Should we expect more celebrities to escape the cities and hang out in the Hudson Valley?


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