Within the past year, a lot of things have changed. When the things around us change we typically wonder what we can do to fix them. This was my reaction when I read about local libraries and how some of them might not be able to stay open.

Some libraries are funded by tax budgets, the community or just donations. In the past couple of months, it seems as if people haven’t been going to libraries or not able to get there due to limited hours.

I fully support local libraries because to be honest, there really isn’t anything else like it. Of course, there are bookstores and such but nothing like truly renting a book. There’s even that smell of a rented book, you know exactly what I’m talking about (ha-ha).

The entire experience of a library has stayed with me since I was a child. I remember going on school trips and having the librarians teach us how to read.

There’s more to libraries than just stories, there’s the people within the community that help run it and residents that look forward to visiting there. Libraries are truly an asset to the town and community, and I believe that we should do what we can do keep them running.

Here’s what you can do to help local libraries.

Become a member

Simply head on into your library and rent a book. Support this idea as if you were supporting a local business. I’m sure you’ll be happy that you found a good book to read before bed.


When in doubt, simply donate. Whether the contribution is small or large, any little bit will help. It’s also the idea behind giving back to the community.

Spread the word

With the increased used of social media, it’s easy to just share a post or write something up to pass around. Do your part just by being vocal in person or online.


Check out these libraries in the Hudson Valley.

Elating Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY

Grinnell Library, Wappingers Falls, NY

Goshen Public Library & Historical Society, Goshen, NY

Montgomery Free Library, Montgomery, NY


What do you like most about libraries? Have you been to one before? Share with us below.

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