For the last two plus years every single New Yorker has had the word COVID, practically tattooed on their brains. Are we nearing the end of the COVID pandemic? Unfortunately, only time will tell.

What is the next serious illness that is now 'barking on the front door' of New York State? Will it cause a complete shutdown of everything, once again? Will there be a new vaccine that people need to line up for? Or is this next illness no big deal?

What is the next illness that New Yorkers are being asked to be aware of?


The next illness that residents are being made aware of, isn't a new one like COVID, but one that kids used to be inoculated for before they went to public school. The reason that people are being put on alert for this sickness, is that after many years of zero cases, there have been three cases of Pertussis reported in Sullivan County NY.

What is Pertussis and its symptoms? Can they be prevented?

Whooping Cough Vaccinations Administered In Los Angeles
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So, what is this Pertussis? It is also called whopping cough. It is highly contagious and begins with what you might think are normal coughing and general cold-like symptoms. According to a press release, "the average incubation period is 4-21 days (average 7-10 days) but, rarely, can be as long as 42 days."

If you think that you or your child has been exposed or could have Pertussis, see a doctor immediately. Can Pertussis be prevented? It is suggested by the Center for Disease Control that kids should be immunized before the age of 4. The immunizations take place, 5 doses over the course of the child aged 2-months through 4 years.

Do you need assistance getting your (or your child's) immunizations? Contact your counties Department of Health for an appointment. Here are the links you might need, for more information:

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