Living in New York State, we get to experience the change of four seasons. With this change, we also experience different weather often.

Every New York State resident has a favorite season, personally, I love summer. With the change of seasons, we also adapt to climate changes, road conditions, and weather issues.

The New York State Department of Transportation shares important information on its social media platforms to help keep residents informed and educated.

The New York State Department Of Transportation Is Hiring

The New York State Department Of Transportation is also known as the NYSDOT.

Their mission states,

"It is the mission of the New York State Department of Transportation to ensure our customers - those who live, work and travel in New York State -- have a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system."

Their main office is located on Wolf Road in Albany, NY.

On social media, The NYSDOT made a post an announcement that they are currently hiring. 

"We are hiring permanent and seasonal Highway Maintenance Workers to keep New York travelers safe and moving throughout the year. Positions available across the state. Apply Now:"


The New York State Department Of Transportation Shared Important Information

The NYSDOT made a post on social media informing residents what lines on roads. They also described why they do this during the winter months.

"Have you noticed these lines on NY roadways before some winter storms? This is called “salt brine” and before some storms, our crews place brine onto roadways to prevent ice and snow from sticking."


"The salt activates when the first precipitation hits it, meaning we’re already fighting snow and ice before our plow trucks get on the road. The melting action of the brine helps prevent snow and ice from bonding with the pavement, avoiding hard pack that is difficult to clear."


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Do You Know What These Lines On New York State Roads Mean?

Before learning information from the NYSDOT, did you know what those lines in the road meant?

I would see those lines in the road as crews would prepare for a winter storm. However, I didn't know what they meant until I saw this post on social media. I thought it was important to also share with winter approaching in the Hudson Valley.

The next time that we see "salt brine" on New York state roads, we can applaud ourselves for learning what it means exactly.

Which road in New York State is your favorite to drive on? Share with us below.

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