Kingston, NY is the home to several historic buildings, markers and statues. Residents can also keep history alive by living in a 1920's shirt factory within Ulster County, NY.

The City of Kingston shared that this area was first settled in 1652. Kingston, NY was also the first capital in New York State.

Kingston, NY is now also known as a “pro housing community' within the Hudson Valley and New York state. Today, Kingston, NY remains a desired location for citizens to reside in. 

What Events Are Happening In Kingston, NY?

Canva, Allison Kay, Facebook, Climate Smart Kingston
Canva, Allison Kay, Facebook, Climate Smart Kingston

April and May are months that residents can participate in spring cleaning events in the Hudson Valley. Many Hudson Valley counties have dates for bulk pick up in their area.

Climate Smart Kingston shared information on social media about an upcoming event in the Hudson Valley, The Ulster County Coolest Recycling Drive.

They explained that from May 1, 2024 until May 18, 2024, residents of not only the Ulster County, NY community but those from  surrounding counties can easily recycle items. There will be several opportunities for residents to drop off their appliances, completely free of charge.

The Ulster County Coolest Recycling Drive will take place in New Paltz, NY and Kingston, NY.

Those who are interested in participating in The Ulster County Coolest Recycling Drive can stop by The Kingston Earth Fair. This fair will take place on May 11, 2024 from 11am until 5pm at the TR Gallo Park in Kingston, NY. The rain location for this upcoming event will take place at Hutton Brickyards also located in Kingston, NY. 

This is an event that will allow residents to take part in a 

"Free drop off and recycling of refrigerant contains appliances"

Additional information about the Ulster County Coolest Recycling Drive can be found with UCRRA.

Ulster County, NY is participating in making the area a cleaner place to reside in. Within Kingston, NY a vacant property will now have a new purpose moving forward.

Kingston, NY Adopts Vacant Property With Hopes To 'Restore'

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

The City of Kingston made an announcement on social media. They shared,

"The City of Kingston has acquired a long-vacant property, 25 Field Court, which has been in tax arrears since 2010."

They also shared that this property is "approximately 0.85-acre site". 25 Field Court in Kingston, NY is located in not only a residential but a commercial area as well, also close to the businesses located on Broadway.

Mayor Steve Noble also shared that he,

"looks forward to future development that will restore the site to a vibrant part of the community.”


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What Could The Site Of 25 Field Court In Kingston, NY Become?

With proper clean up and development, this abandoned property could bring something to the Kingston, NY area that may be needed.

On site, the City of Kingston explained that there is a single story brick building (12,000 square feet) which was created in the 1960's. 

The City of Kingston continued to share that this site was zoned as T5 Flex. Due to this zoning code, the opportunities for this property would allow a variety of options.

"The City is currently working to designate the area of Midtown that includes 25 Field Court as a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) as part of the Midtown Thriving project."

This once abandoned site could be not only eligible to receive state grants but tax credits once the property is officially a Brownfield Opportunity Area, also known as BOA.

What would you like to see come to this vacant property in Kingston, NY? Is there a specific business that would fit in within that area? Share more below.

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