Locally owned Hudson Valley restaurants are staples within the community. They provide a place to gather with friends and family to enjoy fresh and delicious meals.

At times, we go close with familiar faces at our favorite eateries and have our "go-to" options that we can never resist.

What Hudson Valley Business Have Recently Closed?

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

A Sullivan County, NY Italian restaurant closed their doors in September of 2023. Locals were saddened by the news.The building that once held this popular Sullivan County, NY business is for sale.

An Ulster County, NY eatery closed their store front business but are still open and accepting online customer orders. However, the building that once held this establishment is being renovated, it's a mystery of what will open there next.

A Popular Italian Restaurant Closed Their Doors In The Hudson Valley

A post was made on social media from A Tavola Trattoria. The following messages are parts of the post that they made on Facebook.

"It is with a heavy heart, and humble gratitude that we must announce that A Tavola Trattoria will be closing.  We could not be more grateful for all of the continued support, both before COVID, and after, of every customer that we have hosted through the years."


We would like to thank all of our staff, through out the years. Humbly, graciously, and with all of the love and respect in the world. Without an amazing support staff, in all positions; a restaurant can not thrive, let alone survive."


"We will always be indebted to all who have continued to show up, sometimes for countless hours, through many emergencies, and do all of the hard jobs a restaurant requires. We love you. Thank you."

They continued to share,

"Whatever replaces us, will be phenomenal. The building lends itself to the feeling of being in an inviting home; and will continue to do so."

When Did A Tavola Trattoria Close?

A Tavola Trattoria served their loyal customers on New Year's Eve and closed their doors permanently after that holiday.

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How Did Facebook Users Respond To A Tavola Trattoria's Recent Post On Social Media?

A Tavola Trattoria's heartfelt post on social media gained attention from their loyal customers and Hudson Valley residents. There was a lot of emotion that was put into the comments on A Tavola Trattoria's Facebook post.

There were over 221 reactions,  58 comments and 15 shares to their recent post.

The following comments are from Facebook users who responded to A Tavola Trattoria's post.

"We’ve all been so fortunate to have you for the time we were able. Thank you and best wishes with whatever new adventures are ahead of you all."


"A Tavola has been one of our Most Special Places for as long as we've been together. This makes me very sad. Best wishes to you all. ❤'


"We celebrated our courthouse marriage with dinner at Beso back in 2009, and have celebrated our anniversary with A Tavola ever since. We'll be very sad to lose this lovely business from the community. 💔"


"The memories I've shared at your restaurant will remain with me after your doors close. I know the best chapters of your lives are yet to be written. Thanks for all of it."


"Omg no!!!! This is so incredibly sad. So many great memories there. Thank you for some of the best food I ever eaten. Wishing you all the best."


"May the next chapter of life be filled with love and blessings"


A Tavola Trattoria was known for being "Locally sourced, crafted with love". They served dinner options, desserts, cocktails, beer, wine and more.

Which Hudson Valley residents closed their doors that you loved visiting? Have you ever been to A Tavola Trattoria? Share with us below.

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