If you grocery shop at Walmart, you could be entitled to a refund after some stores allegedly overcharged customers.

If you are in charge of the weekly or monthly grocery shopping at your house you are well aware that grocery prices have skyrocketed over the last few years. If you haven't noticed yet consider yourself lucky...LOL!

The Hudson Valley is full of grocery stores to shop at and many of us choose the store that has the best prices to shop at. Many say that Walmart, with locations in Newburgh, Kingston, Napanoch, and Fishkill has the best prices, but do they?

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Walmart Overcharging Customers?

If you shop at Walmart you might think you're getting the cheapest prices on select items and you might be right, but according to a lawsuit some customers have reportedly been overcharged for items and are seeking a refund. The overcharging appears to have to do with items that required being weighed before being sold and were sold at Walmart stores between October 18, 2019, and January 19, 2024.

According to the lawsuit numerous items were marked one price and customers were charged a different price because the items weren't weighed properly.


What Walmart Items Were Priced Wrong?

The $45 million class action lawsuit filed in Florida identifies numerous items that were priced wrong at Walmart including beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and other various meat and miscellaneous products. It also includes pre-bagged citrus items that were also priced incorrectly including pre-bagged oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits.

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You can check the full list of "Weighted Goods" and "Bagged Citrus" that were priced incorrectly here. Walmart denies the allegations in the lawsuit and said it did nothing wrong.

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File a Walmart Claim
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How to File A Claim?

If a Florida court finds in favor of the plaintiffs, shoppers could be entitled to a portion of the $45 million. If you think you were overcharged at Walmart and would like to file a claim, you can file online here.

If you are a shoppers that keeps their receipts that will be beneficial, as old receipts will equal a bigger refund which could be around $500. Shoppers who don't have receipts are still eligible to file a claim but will be entitled to a smaller amount. The deadline to submit a claim is June 5, 2024.

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