It is time to start clearing the closets. Spring is 4 weeks away for New York and you don't want to be wasting time inside when the weather gets warmer. Take this last weekend in February to clean out the winter junk.

We are just weeks away from opening up the window and letting in the fresh air. You probably haven't done that since the last warm day we had in October. If you are like me there is a good chance that you have a pile that has been sitting around all winter that you have been meaning to go through and clean up.

The Best Month to Start Cleaning for Spring

The end of February and the beginning of March is the perfect time to sort the garbage from the donatables as I like to call them. You are going to want to get out and pick up some new things for spring and you will feel a lot better if you have clean out the old stuff first.

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I have 3 easy steps I follow to clean out drawers, closets, and even whole rooms. Try these three easy steps and I can assure you that you will have cleaned up a closet or two this weekend and still have time to celebrate your success with a well-deserved drink and dinner.


Easy Steps to Follow for a Successful Spring Cleanout

Step One: Pick the room or closet you want to tackle. Don't jump around. Pick one pile or closet and stay focused.

Step Two: Put everything you are getting rid of in a solid color trash bag. Clear trash bags allow you to look back and second guess the decision you have made to either donate the item or toss it for good.

Step Three: The items must leave the building. If it is trash put it on the curb. No looking back. If it is a bag for donation don't set it down. It must go straight to the car.

I hope this has helped and good luck this month getting ready for Spring.

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Thrift shops can be gold mines for treasure for you, your home, or your office. Clothes, housewares, and gift items can all be found at great prices. Thrift shops also help recycle items. Donating an item instead of throwing it out can go a long way to helping the planet and your pocketbook.

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