If you grew up or ever lived in Cornwall, you got used to the idea that Route 218 would be closed between Cornwall and West Point on occasion. It is one of the more popular roads to use for that route but weather was always a factor.

You always knew when it was closed because there was a permanent sign out on the exit for it on Route 9W, which is the other way to get over Storm King Mountain to West Point. The other telltale sign was how much less traffic came through the Village when it was closed.

Is Route 218 Open from Cornwall to West Point

Right now Route 218 Remains closed until further notice. The repairs are still being done on the road as a result of the July 2023 Storm that washed out a large chunk of the road between Cornwall and West Point.

New York State Department of Transportation via Facebook
New York State Department of Transportation via Facebook

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The road is not just closed to motorists. Pedestrians and cyclists should stay off the road as well. There are still many major safety concerns with the road near the washout.

Why is Route 218 Closed in Cornwall New York

In early July a strong storm moved through Orange County which resulted in multiple road closures. Some unlike Route 218 have been re-opened others like Route 218 are still under repair. The July storm was even responsible for closing a Hudson Valley zoo for the summer.

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Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook
Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park via Facebook

When Will Route 218 Reopen between West Point and Cornwall

At this point, the New York State Department of Transportation has not given a re-open date for Route 218. Last week they had crews out surveying the area. Both geologists and Engineers are still looking at the exposed bedrock to determine their plan for the rebuild.

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