One thing that we can all agree on is that those of us who have pets will do anything for them. These days there are many more options for our fur babies when they encounter a medical emergency.

I myself have never bought pet insurance but I could see how having it might have saved me on a few Vet bills over the years. I am a dog person who grew up with a dog in the house my whole life. Some were tough and never had a problem. Others had their occasional issues and trust me it was hard to hear the words that is the best we can do.

Medical Device Company Helps with Donations for Dogs

None of my dogs ever had a heart problem but I have heard about dogs that are born with issues or who as they get older much like people develop problems with their hearts.

For people, there are many solutions but not so much for our canine friends.


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I had never given much thought to how you could help a dog with a heart problem and then I saw a post on social media that explained how human medical devices can be donated to help companion animals. Specifically, it was a saying that pacemakers can be donated to help companion animals in need.

Who Donates Pacemakers to a Dog in New York?

CanPacers is an organization that does just that they are a companion animal pacemaker repository. A company named Medtronic makes regular donations. CanPacers became official in 1991.

The money they make from selling the donated devices helps fund more cardiology projects for animals. The goal is to understand more about what causes heart disease in animals.


I never thought about this before - a pacemaker for a dog. Animal medical companies have a few devices that they make to help animals with disabilities but when it comes to things like a pacemaker that isn't practical.

Instead, they use the ones removed from someone who dies or ones donated after they are no longer being used

The pacemaker can't be reused in another human therefore it would end up getting thrown away. Instead, people are now signing up to have their pacemaker donated upon their death to a companion animal in need. AARP also has information and a program that can also arrange your donation.

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