Hopefully, you have heard about the Lakota Wolf Preserve which is located just south of the Hudson Valley in Columbia New Jersey. It is a nonprofit dedicated to the care of wolves, bobcats, foxes, and lynx. They have been educating and caring for animals since 1998.

Open to the public for tours that you need to pre-book with reservations Lakota Wolf Preserve is a great place to journey if you are interested in learning more about the animals they care for a what they say is the largest natural-habitat animal preserve for wolves, bobcats, lynx and fox in the Northeastern United State.

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I have followed them for a while on social media and have regularly shared programs and other events that the preserve has held. If you are just hearing about Lakota Wolf Preserve please take a moment to look at their website and social media.

Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Sequoia
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Sequoia

Sadly last week they had to share the news that they lost one of the wolves who was almost 16 years old. In a Facebook post last Friday they shared that they had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to Sequioa their gentle giant.

Lakota Wolf Preserve Says Goodbye to Sequoia the Artic Wolf

Sequoia apparently was experiencing some aging issues. He was being treated with medicine and love but apparently, he stopped eating so the preserve had to make the decision to let him go.

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Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Sequoia
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Sequoia

We were helping him stay as comfortable as possible with glucosamine for his joints, extra vitamins, extra treats, and lots of love. But there comes a point when they stop eating and you can see it in their eyes, you know that they are ready, and you must make that most difficult heart-breaking decision to help them along. (Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook)


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Frequent visitors to the preserve will dearly miss what Lakota Wolf Preserve called their Gentle Giant. Since the news of his passing more than one thousand people have posted comments to the Lakota Wolf Preserve's social media expressing sadness for the loss of Sequoia and making mention of their memories of seeing him in the preserve

Sequoia you were truly the best! You will be forever missed and in our hearts. Thank you for the honor of letting us be a part of your life! (Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook)

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The Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia New Jersey is Home to Many Wolves

Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia New Jersey

The Wolves of the Lakota Wolf Preserve is located just over the New York State border near the Pocono Mountains in Columbia, New Jersey. They are the Northeast's largest wolf preserve. They offer tours and educational programs.

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