A Newburgh, New York native and Best-selling author is giving back in a big way... again!

James Patterson Gives Back to Libraries, Booksellers

James Patterson may be one of the best mystery writers and authors in general of all time. The Newburgh, New York native is the mastermind behind books like Along Came a Spider and Kiss The Girls.

In a press release shared by Good Morning America, Patterson announced  on Thursday, April 11th 2024 that he will be donating "more than $300,000 to the American Bookseller Association and American Library Association member."

It's all in celebration of his new book celebrating the release of his new book, "The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians."

Patterson said in the press release "There has never been a more important time to celebrate booksellers and librarians -- period."

Nominations for ALA members will be accepted until April 30th and the winners will later be announced at the ALA Annual Conference in San Diego in July.

5 Hudson Valley Booksellers Receive Bonus from James Patterson

You may remember back in December of 2023 James Patterson announced that he was giving back to booksellers of independent bookstores across the nation. At the time Patterson told the Associate Press that "Booksellers save lives" adding:

"What they do is crucial, especially right now. I’m happy to be able to acknowledge them and their hard work this holiday season.”

Along with the announcement of the $300,000 donation to the American Bookseller Association and American Library Association, Patterson's camp announced the hundreds of independent booksellers that would be receiving the $500 bonus.

5 of those independent bookstores getting the Patterson bonus are from the Hudson Valley:

Katonah Reading Room/Gretchen Menzies- Katonah, NY
Hudson Valley Books For Humanity/Amy Hall- Ossining, NY
Oblong Books/Nicole Brinkley- Rhinebeck, NY
Split Rock Books/Heidi Bender- Cold Spring, NY
The Golden Notebook/Gaela Pearson- Woodstock, NY

You can learn more about the donations from Patterson at Bookweb.org. 

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