You're going to want to pay extra close attention to your speed on two specific stretches of I-84 and I-684 this week.

We told you back in November that the New York Department of Transportation had announced the installation of speed-detecting cameras on various roads and highways throughout New York State.

Speed-Detecting Camera to Target Hudson Valley Drivers This Week

The automated ticket system includes a speed-reading radar and a camera that captures the license plates of vehicles traveling over the posted speed limit. Drivers found to be speeding are photographed alongside the speed and distance they are traveling.

After a technician reviews the data and determines that the driver was breaking the law, a notice is sent to them through the mail.

Hudson Valley New York Speed Camera

Penalty For Being Caught by a Speed-Detecting Camera in New York State

Because it's impossible to identify exactly who was driving when the speeding infraction was captured, the registered owner of the vehicle is the one who will be on the hook for whenever their car is caught speeding.

The fine is $50 for the first infraction and $75 for the second speeding incident. If a vehicle is captured speeding three or more times within a year and a half, the owner will be fined $100. None of these fines include points on the driver's license nor will it affect the car owner's insurance rates.

Speed Camera Locations Throughout New York State This Week

The automated speeding ticket system is aimed at making sure drivers obey reduced speed limits at construction zones throughout the state. Cameras move from place to place depending on where roadwork is being done. The speed enforcement system usually stays in the same location for a week or so.

While the ticket camera is designed to capture unsuspecting drivers, the state does announce when and where they will be set up.

New York Speed Zone I-84


According to the New York State Department of Transportation, automatic speed enforcement will take place on I-84 in Dutchess County from Monday, March 11 through Saturday, March 16. The camera will be set up between exits 44 and 46. Exit 44 leads to Route 52 Fishkill/Beacon and Exit 46 leads to Route 9 Fishkill/Beacon.

Another camera will be located on I-684 in Westchester County all week between exits 1 and 3 near Westchester County Airport.

A full list of this week's speed cameras is below.


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