You know it happens to everyone, nobody is immune to them and everyone has at least a few every year. By "them" I mean bad days and the thing about bad days is that you can't necessarily predict when they're going to happen.

This brings us to today where one Mount Vernon woman had a bad day to top just about any other bad day.

Police barrier tape at crime scene

Ugh...Where's My Car?

This passed weekend a woman by the name of Stephanie Diaz on the receiving end of a bad day when she had her car stolen while in Mount Vernon. According to News 12:Westchester, Diaz has reached out to the public in hopes of finding the cae vehicle.

The vehicle is a "dark green 2004 Honda Pilot with New Jersey license plates". According to the report, the car was stolen while it was parked on 277 West 1st St. on Sunday. While having your car stolen is awful, what was in the car at the time was even more important.

Honda Grill
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Man's Best Friend

Yeah, you just read that right; at the time the car was stolen Diaz's own dog was also in the car. The dog is a Chihuahua named Nile. Nile is described as being about 7-years old and has black, brown and white fur. The coloring of the dog is reminiscent of a Rottweiler, mostly black and brown with small patches of white fur on the paws.

ThinkStock/Stephanie Deissner
ThinkStock/Stephanie Deissner

Law enforcement are still investigating the event but like Diaz, they are asking the public for help. Anyone individuals who may have information on the event is encouraged to call the Mount Vernon Police.

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