Have you been trying to eat more plant-based foods? Maybe you are even dipping your toes into trying more vegetarian items. Have you thought about eating a vegan diet?

While eating a completely vegan diet might not be for everyone, there are a few places in the Hudson Valley, that while you might need to seek them out, are serving an entirely vegan or plant-based diet.

What does it mean to be a vegan or to eat a vegan diet?

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To eat vegan or to be a vegan is to not consume anything that has been derived from an animal or animal product. For example, someone told me once that 'if it has had a face, they can't eat it.' This includes not consuming things like fish, chicken, milk and even honey (after all the honey comes from bees and they have faces).

Where are there Vegan Restaurants in the Hudson Valley NY area?

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There are quite a few, you might be surprised. There are even a few restaurants that will toy with doing a weekly 'all plant-based' night or specials.  Here are the ones you should check out.

Emy Delights & Bites, Route 9 in Hyde Park NY


  • If you blink you might pass it, it is almost across from Regina Ceoli. Not only is this female owned and operated, but it is also allergy friendly.  They do not use nuts, sesame or mustards in any of their products, plus everything is gluten-free. You wouldn't know it. It's a casual place, doesn't really have much in the way of indoor seating, so plan on getting your items to-go.

The Secret Vegan Cafe, McEntee St, Kingston NY

  • You have to love the name for this place. The customers claim, 'the secret is out.' I can only find their FB, and their Instagram page to share with you, but check it out for yourself.

Fogwood and Fig, 24 Front St, Port Jervis NY

  • I love it when I get recommendations from other people and then they are even better than I was told. The food is incredibly creative and flavorful, plus they have gluten free options. There is indoor seating, but only if you get there before 5:30 pm, because they close at 6 pm. Try the Korean BBQ Burger, made with a lentil patty.

Moonburger, 5 Powells Ln, Kingston, NY

  • IYKYK, right? This is the place you pass in Kingston NY that has people waiting to get it. I had a friend bring me a one of each of their burgers (why only get one?). If you want to keep it meat free and dairy free stick with the classic. They do have dairy options on the menu, but it is all listed as to which items have dairy, soy, etc.

Empanada Nirvana, 75 E Main St, Walden, NY 

  • I have been eating at this place since they were a food truck on the side of the road on 9 W. While they have a permanent roof over their heads at their Walden NY location, they are still great with a tremendous number of vegan options. This is the place you go if the people you are with, have to have a meat or a dairy option and you want your tasty vegan options as well.

How many of these items do you eat all the time? Wait! They are vegan!

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